Conceptual Design for the Preservation and Rehabilitation of the Patrick Robert Sydnor Civil War Era Historic Site and Log Cabin - Mecklenburg County

CDAC is working with Literacy InterActives, Inc., a newly established 501(c)(3) based in Virginia, to design a comprehensive conceptual master plan for the preservation and rehabilitation of the Patrick Robert Sydnor Civil War-era log cabin site that is located in Mecklenburg County.


The Sydnor cabin is located on a wooded area of 4.41 acres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register. Research indicates the cabin was built during the antebellum era to house the enslaved workers of nearby Prestwould Plantation. The historic site has been upgraded to statewide significance by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (DHR, October 2012). The log cabin site is named after Patrick Robert “Parker” Sydnor (1854‐1950), a locally well-known Virginia tombstone carver, who lived in the cabin during the late nineteenth‐and early twentieth centuries. Parker Sydnor was born into slavery in Halifax County. He worked for forty years at his craft and there is evidence that he began making gravestones before 1900.

CDAC worked with the community and a stakeholders group to develop a conceptual master plan for the site, including a conceptual design for a visitor's center, and for the preservation and rehabilitation of the Sydnor cabin.

To view final design concepts, click on the links below:

- 11x17, Final Site Master Plan

- 11x17, Site Master Plan Perspective and Detail Designs

- 11x17, Visitors Center, Plan

11x17, Visitors Center, Section and Elevations

11x17, Visitor Center, Room Arrangement Options

- 11x17, Visitors Center, Perspectives

- 11x17, Caretakers House, Plan

- 11x17, Caretakers House, Perspective


Student design team: Joowan Im, Michael Rollins, Harley Walker, Colbi Young


* Information in the narrative about the site and project is taken directly from the project application dated 11/19/12 by Angelita Reyes.