Lost Communities of Virginia Photographic Exhibit

The exhibit consists of original Lost Communities of Virginia black and white photographic prints, by Kirsten Sparenborg.  The photographs are framed and matted, with titles, representing 14 small communities. Photographs measure roughly 10"x14" within a frame of 17"x22" in 14 horizontal and 8 vertical orientations. There are 22 frames including a texted plate describing the idea and execution of the Lost Communities of Virginia project and a map locating the communities within the state. Also included are framed brief supporting narratives for each of the 14 communities. The exhibit may be reduced to 11 frames (including the explanatory text plate) for smaller exhibit spaces.

There are two downloadable brochures available: the Visitor's Brochure and the Marketing Brochure.   Stop by our office to see a subset of the exhibit!  For more information or to schedule the exhibit at your venue, call 540.231.5644 or e-mail egilboy@vt.edu.


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